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“Mundanity, Explored”, a series of illustrations

When I create, I let an idea work on me. I start to draw with an intention, and as I draw, I begin to float in the flow of it. The flow of things takes my hand and guides the lines, the story. That‘s the only way I can think to explain it. I begin with one idea and I end up with a million tiny ones pieced together~

Well, that sweet inspiration flooded me last week, and I’m so happy to share what’s behind a new series I’ve begun, titled “Mundanity, Explored”. Each illustration will take place in a different room of an old house. Lizabeth is the girl who lives in this mysterious home, and she, herself, is a mysterious character! Her head is detached, but never far from her side, and neither is her curious black cat. You’ll find her going about her normal day in each scene, which is where the mundanity comes from. But each room holds its secrets…sometimes spilling out of cabinets, tucked away from obvious sight, so look closely…this is the explored~

The inspiration behind Lizabeth’s home is multifaceted. It portrays both modern and Victorian accents. I think my deep-seeded love for dated decor comes from the period pieces my mom had constantly playing on the television during my childhood. I loved the grandeur of it all, even in something as tiny as a teacup. When I go antiquing, I find myself wondering about all the people who owned the little treasures I come across. How did they use it? What was that person like? And when I drive through old neighborhoods, I get lost in daydreams about what the inside of people’s homes might look like, or what secret rooms there might be...Well now my fiancé and I are approaching the one year mark of owning a 1935 homestead, and the little curiosities we’ve uncovered while fixing it up will be sprinkled across the illustrations. And so, Lizabeth’s house is both an exploration of my own home and my interest in how other people make their homes.

I can attribute the Studio Ghibli films I adored as a child with my love for detailed imagery. Nothing is overlooked in their beautifully painted backdrops. I’ve always been too intimidated to try my hand at completed scenes like those, focusing mainly on figure instead. But for this series, I’m taking on the challenge! I’m excited to explore the figure‘s interaction within the setting. Ghibli films fostered my love for magic and fascination with the bizarre (and sometimes slightly unsettling), and I hope to capture those elements in this series.

One of my favorite parts about being an artist is using storytelling behind imagery. I seldom draw anything without a deeper meaning behind it. Sometimes my meaning is obvious, and other times it is subtle enough to to overlook. In this body of work I encourage you to look closely for those hidden messages! I will post a breakdown of each piece here in my blog, but take the time to look at each illustration first before reading about it. See what you catch before I point it out, and let your imagination run and fill in the blanks that I leave!

Cheers to this shared exploration, buds!

xoxo Rose

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