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Madison Rose

A painter based in Saratoga Springs, NY

A voice is found within my medium. I am an artist who specializes in pen drawings and acrylic ink painting, two mediums that have always spoken to me as similes for life. The precision and delicacy of a fine line is a careful dance, a bold line is a statement, my lines can travel and take many shapes with emotion in tow. A flawed waterline is actually organic, a welcomed challenge, beauty found in imperfection. It reminds me there is a balance of control and surrender. All of the work I  create is made by my own two hands, for there is something to be said about the stories I can create with my mind, and the stories the medium write themselves.​

My latest inspiration draws from inner reflection, femininity, collections of poetry written by my grandmother, my connection to the natural world, and an exploration of eclecticism.



I would love to bring your ideas to life with a unique, handmade approach!

My rate is $50 hourly, and the total time spent on a piece is calculated upon completion. Typically, full color commissions take me between 10-18 hours. Cost of materials is also calculated upon completion, and is added to the total. 

Please email me with as much information and detail as you would like, and preferably include photos.  

If you are requesting a tattoo design, please note that I am not a tattoo artist, and it is up to your chosen artist to make any further necessary adjustments. 

For inquiries about available originals for purchase, please email.

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